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| Australian | Male | Gay | UTAU USER |
I work with a program called UTAU and draw bara and kemono art, I reblog a lot of stuff so my art tags are "pancake draws" or "my art" , theres some NSFW every now and then but generally it;s my own art. I do not take requests at this given time
(Sidebar art and Icon art by , my boyfriend )

i need to make more characters someone stop me

WIP Linearts for Sake’s “KiLLER MAN” cover

majratakeshinekomata sent: I'm sure of that: there is a way to do a web comic with yours OC.

actually I’ve been thinking of doing that

Anonymous sent: Can you expand your dong

all the time

Akuma doodless

Anonymous sent: If you made a company,weapon or any type of product what would name it


Anonymous sent: Hey Senpai aren't you afraid of furries ? Because I found a game that was released last week. It's a jump scare called "5 nights at Freddy's". It's not that scary but, your scared of furries

I’m more scared of fursuits than furries lmao but yeah I know about the game like

its all people are talking about and its all over my dash

it’s ok, suspenseful yeah but not that all scary to me tbh

Anonymous sent: Oh my god, I wish I had a real friend like you, I've been following you like for 1 or 2 months and I've really wanted to talk to you but I feel like I would end up annoying you idk. Omg I sound like such a fangirl, but I just really love your blog and I think you're cool and cute. Sorry for my english, it's not my main language.

GHHH this is so cute ;-; thankyou so much

Yesterday on twitter we were talking about hats, my favourite hat ee

Yesterday on twitter we were talking about hats, my favourite hat ee

Anonymous sent: I have passed by you a times then

Was the icon Wulfric and you were in Australia b/c then that was definitely me